How to register

ALL Players - Registration opens June 15th - Aug. 15


Contact the Registrar, Cathy.

We will be using TEAM SNAP again this season. You MUST use your Hockey Canada ID number. This document will help you retrieve it.

This register button is for all to REGISTER.

If you are new to RHC, but played hockey before - please contact Cathy,the RHC registrar, with your child's name, date of birth and past association. The registrar must initiate a transfer from your past hockey association.

Or . . . .

If you are brand new to hockey, you also must contact Cathy, the RHC Registrar anytime.


Please note that RHC is NOT a Learn to Skate program. All players should be able to skate forwards, backwards and be able to stop.

Goalie Information

RHC does not provide any goalie equipment


There will be ONE GOALIE per team only. No shared positions. The RHC Board has agreed the MINIMUM experience required for a goalie is as follows:

  • U13 (PEE WEE) Division - a goalie with NO experience can register
  • U15 (BANTAM) Division - a goalie MUST have at least ONE year of goalie experience
  • U18 (MIDGET) Division - a goalie MUST have at least TWO years of goalie experience
  • U21 (JUNIOR) Division - a goalie MUST have at least TWO years of goalie experience

Again this season, we will be signing up 2 -3 spare goalies for each division. The HCR system will register enough goalies for each level. The spares for each division will be on the wait list, and contacted by the registrar. Cost for the spare goalie is: $150 for the season.

Refunds and Receipts

Members wishing to withdrawn from RHC must submit a Request for Refund Form. Completed forms should be emailed to Cathy Hosowich.

Refund policy is as follows:

(1) before the first game of RHC season $725 ($725 & GST) Goalie $450 ($450 & GST) - $100 administration fee. Refunds will be processed as timely as possible. If you paid by Credit Card, you will be refunded on that card. If paid by cash or money order, you will receive a cheque in about 1 to 2 weeks.

(2) after first game of the RHC season, refunds will be considered as each case comes along. If for medical reasons, please scan a Dr.’s note along with the “REQUEST for REFUND FORM”. Each case will be considered on its own merit.

After Dec 31, each case will be dealt with in all fairness.


For TAX purposes or otherwise. At the end of your member registration, a receipt will be automatically emailed to you. PRINT & FILE IT NOW. RHC will not issue tax receipts. You will be able to access the registration screen and print off additional copies anytime, until the end of the hockey season. (March 31).

Playing Schedule

Each year, we try to keep our levels playing on the same nights as in the past years. We will try again this year to follow that pattern.

U13 (PeeWee) - Tuesday nights
U15 (Bantam) - Monday nights
U18 (Midget) - Thursday nights
U21 (Junior) - Wednesday nights.

And ALL levels play most Saturdays. Times and rinks vary, to be fair for all.

Registration FAQ

June 15 to August 15 - open to all players
NOTE:  After Aug. 15, you must contact the Registrar in order to complete registration.