Dear RHC Members,

As we wrap up another successful season, we are already looking ahead to the upcoming 2024/5 season, I’m reaching out to you with an urgent appeal. RHC has thrived for nearly 25 years on the dedication and passion of volunteers like you, who generously give their time and expertise to ensure the success of our programs. However, as we approach next season, we find ourselves facing a critical shortage of volunteers for key board positions.

The following roles are essential for the smooth operation of our association:

1. Vice President: This crucial position plays a pivotal role in supporting the President and overseeing various aspects of our association’s activities. We need a committed individual who can provide leadership, guidance, and strategic direction to help steer us towards continued success.

2. U18 and Junior Division Coordinators: We urgently require two dedicated coordinators who can organize the teams prior to the season, liaise with coaches during the season, and ensure a positive experience for all players involved.

3. Player Development Coordinator: This pivotal role focuses on enhancing the skills and capabilities of our players across all age groups, but specifically focussing on the U13 and U15 divisions. We need someone with a keen understanding of player development principles, who can assist coaches in planning team practices and run the drop-in development sessions.

Non-board position:

1. Sorting Skate Scheduler: A volunteer who will work with the Player Development Coordinator and the U13 and U15 Division Coordinators to set up and manage the pre-season sorting skate’s sessions in September.

Without volunteers stepping forward to fill these critical positions, we risk jeopardizing the continuity of our programs for the upcoming season. The success of our association hinges on the collective effort of passionate individuals like you, who share a common goal of proving a positive and fun hockey experience for all of our players.

I ask you to consider volunteering for one of these important roles and join us in ensuring that the 2024/5 season is a resounding success.

If you’re interested in volunteering or would like more information about any of the roles mentioned above, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at

Thank you for your unwavering support and dedication to the RHC community. Let’s rally together and make the upcoming season one to remember!


Russell Stratton


Recreational Hockey Calgary

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